Water and roses for Imam Hussain (as)

Water & Roses for Imam Hussein(a)

Water and roses for Imam Hussain (as)

While thousands of Muslims marched through London and different parts of Europe to protest against ISIS and terrorism and to commemorate the event of Karbala on the Day of Ashura, the Union of Islamic Student Associations in Europe participated the event by distributing bottles of water, flowers and brochures.

The project aimed to raise awareness and insight into the revival of Imam Hussein(a) movement and held in Italy, Germany, Norway, Austria, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The main purpose of the project was to introduce the Ashura movement and the true face of Islam to the public and non-Muslims in different cities in Europe.

One of the main activities of the union in recent years has been introducing Imam Hussein(a) to non-Muslims in order to promote and revive his words and ideology. This year, the union distributed bottles of water, roses and informational brochures to non-Muslims in different cities, including London, Bradford, Rome, Turin, Milan, Paris, Bergen, Vienna, Hague, Aachen and Berlin.

These brochures were designed to answer questions about the uprising of Imam Hussein(a), to demonstrate the true face of Islam and distinguish it from extremism. It is also designed and distributed to confront the wave of Islamophobia in the West and to declare that Islam condemns injustice and terrorism. The brochures are available in indigenous languages (English, Italian, Dutch, French, German, and Norwegian). The brochures also introduced the Arbaeen walk and contained great quotations made by public figures in respect of Imam Hussein(a).

Volunteers with flags and white scarves with the motto “I am in a battle against injustice. Will you join me?” were offering bottles of water, which symbolizes the thirst of Imam Hussein(a) and his companions, as well as roses, a symbol of unity and friendship, along with information about the life of Imam Hussein(a) and Ashura.

It should also be noted that this movement was planned and implemented with the help and support of various Islamic centers in different parts of Europe.

Source: Islam Today Magazine

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