Worcester Mosque feeds homeless people on New Year’s Day


Worcester Mosque feeds homeless people on New Year’s Day

Worcester Mosque has donated almost 200 dishes-worth of food, including desserts, to its neighbors St Paul’s Hostel for the homeless.

Worcester Muslim Welfare Association (WMWA), which runs the mosque, is looking to increase its program of charitable work in the coming months. Mohammed Iqbal, general secretary of the mosque, said the plan was originally to prepare the meals for Christmas Day, but the hostel was booked up. “It’s the second time we’ve done it over the last year,” he said. “We originally wanted to do Christmas dinner on the 25th but St Paul’s was already reserved, so we said we’ll do it for New Year’s Day instead.

Harris Saleem, chairman of the WMWA and trustee Safraraz Baig, alongside Mr Iqbal and others, have long been organizing various fundraisers to help give back to the local community. But now they are looking to go even further in 2018. The money for the big feed at St Paul’s was generated by members of the mosque and others in the community.

“Obviously, we do this regularly,” said Mr Iqbal. “We thought it was a good community gesture, to share our friendship and we’re planning regular charitable schemes to help build an integrated relationship across the city. “We’ve done similar things in the past – quite a few programs, not just in mosques. Over the coming months, we want to build external links with other charities too. “St Paul’s is right on our doorstep, they are our neighbors – it makes sense to help them,” he added. At the start of December, the WMWA also donated £600 to Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Source: Worcester News

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