A course about Jerusalem unites students in Amsterdam


A course about Jerusalem unites students in Amsterdam

Some 20 students from different European study programs and from a wide range of backgrounds, including Muslims, Jews and Christians, participated in the first summer school on “Jerusalem and the Three Religions” took place at the Protestant Theological University of the Netherlands (PThU) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

This course was part of a unique academic partnership between The Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies and PThU. During the week there were lectures and seminars about the history and archaeology of Jerusalem, holy places in Jerusalem and the relationship between Jews, Christians and Muslims in the city. Prof. Doron Bar and Dr. Tamar Kadari, SIJS president and dean respectively, were both lecturing in Amsterdam. “What unites the students is the fascination for the city. Jerusalem is not an empty theme,” said Dr. Lieve Teugels, Lecturer in Jewish Studies and Semitics (PThU), in her welcome speech. “I know that all the conversations and discussions this week will be conducted with respect for each other and each other’s convictions.”

The summer school, supported by an Erasmus+ grant awarded by the European Union to the two institutions in November 2018, explores a city holy to three religions. The course provided students with a unique opportunity to engage in conversation with students and professors from all over the world. The school focuses on biblical history and archaeology; the religious significance of Jerusalem in Judaism, Christianity and Islam; the meanings of pilgrimage; the architecture of holy sites; and the impact of contemporary politics on the city…

Source: The Schechter Institutes

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