A Critique of ISIS’s Brutal Thought


A Critique of ISIS’s Brutal Thought

The rampage caused by radicalized groups in Southwest Asia and their atrocities have affected millions of people, most of the victims being Muslims.

Therefore, Islamic Research and Information Center has prepared a revelatory article about the so called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) concerning their brutal mayhems’ origins and its flawed notional framework has been penned and distributed as a pamphlet among the English speaking pilgrims on 10th November 2017, in Arbaeen Ceremony in Karbala – Iraq.

It included the following headings:

  • A Critique of ISIS’s Brutal Thought
  • The Claim of the Priority of War Against Near Enemy
  • Delusive Understandings of the Verse
  • Contradicting the Prophet’s way of Life (The Sirah)
  • Quran’s and Narratives’ Prohibition from Excommunicating of the One Who Declares Being Muslim
  • Excommunication of Muslims Standing Against Takfiris
  • Takfiris’ Negligence to the Distinction of Belligerent and Civilian Unbelievers
  • Takfiris’ Disdain to the Conditions of War, Even Against Militant Unbelievers

You can read this article HERE or download it as PDF.

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