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Al Buruj Press

Al Buruj Press aims to be a center of excellence in the study of Islam and an institute of acquiring and imparting knowledge and understanding. Through this it seeks to transform individuals into future scholars and students of knowledge in order to better educate society on the roles and teachings of Islam.

Al Buruj Press produces CD sets and translations of classical books from Arabic into the English language for the benefit of English speakers. Al Buruj Press also offers intensive as well as long term courses on subjects like Hadith, Aqeeda, Tafsir, Arabic, and many other disciplines within the Islamic Sciences. The subjects are taught by qualified teachers who have gone through lengthy processes of Islamic Scholarship training.


  • Imam Suhaib Webb (USA)

Suhaib Webb is a Graduate of University of Central Oklahoma with a background in Education & Azhar University from the College of Shariah (Islamic Law & Jurisprudence). Imam Suhaib has over sixteen years of experience by serving various communities in North America and is currently managing an Institute for training Imams in Washington DC.

Courses Taught by Teacher

– The Muslim Extremist: The Enemy Within With Imam Suhaib Webb

– In Pursuit of Love and Happiness with Imam Suhaib Webb

  • Shaykh Muhammad bin Nasir al-Ajmi

Senior Hadith Scholar and Author from Kuwait

Courses Taught by Teacher

– Maqra’ah Hadith of al-Thulathiyaat, al-Nawawi & Others

  • Muhammad Mojlum Khan (Author of Muslim Heritage of Bengal)

Muhammad Mojlum Khan is an award-winning British author, literary critic and historian. He has published more than 200 essays, articles and research papers worldwide and his writings have been translated into many languages. He is author of the bestselling books The Muslim 100 (2008) and The Muslim Heritage of Bengal (2013). He is a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Director of Bengal Muslim Research Institute UK. He is currently completing a book on the Muslim heritage of the West (Kube Publishing, forthcoming 2016) and also writing the first comprehensive biography of Nawab Abdul Latif, a pioneering Muslim reformer of British India.

Courses Taught By Teacher

– Muslim Heritage of Bengal

  • Shaykh Abu Nahla (USA)

Shaykh Abu Nahla al Wazani has been teaching for over 30 years in the field of Dawah and Tarbiya. He studied Islamic Shariah in Palestine and the Islamic Sciences of spiritual self-development in both Palestine and Egypt. He obtained several Ijazahs from his well-respected teachers and has become a leading expert in his field. The Shaykh has become known for conducting unique Quranic Tarbiya intensives that specialize in relationships and self-development. Marriage Counselling is just one of the Shaykh’s specialisms. Having worked in the field for many years he supports individuals, couples, families and professionals to solve problems and develop their relationship with each other and ultimatly Allah swt. The Shaykh’s style is truly unique!

Courses Taught By Teacher

– Maze of Destiny: Who’s really in Control?

– Secrets of Change: Qur’anic Psychology & the Self


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