Al-Jaafaria Shia Islamic Centre (AJSIC) in Sydney Australia


Al-Jaafaria Shia Islamic Centre (AJSIC) in Sydney Australia

The Al-Jaafaria Shia Islamic Centre (AJSIC) was established in 1991 in Sydney Australia operating out of one of the believers’ garages.  The commemoration ceremonies in the Islamic calendar were upheld. Under the guidance of Sheikh Fahd Mehdi, the first Muslim Shia Cleric in Australia and also the founder and builder of Al Zahra Mosque, realized the growing community needed more outlets for Islamic programs.

The center was the cornerstone of the Islamic Education of the Islamic youth in the St George Area. In 2000 they moved into new premises in Turrella with the intention to create a Community Centre with a school to cater for the growth of the community.

The Jaafaria center is a well-established community; the center has educational programs for children, youth and adults in both English and Arabic. Along with youth activities that range from camping to an upcoming soccer team in 2012.  Al-Jaafaria will continue to strive and support the community with various programs and activities and welcomes all to take advantage of the center.

Shia Islamic School Scripture is an initiative of Al-Jaafaria, they consider Special Religious Education (SRE) a great way to be involved in the local community as they assist children and young people to engage with the faith of their family, it’s a great privilege to help educate children to form a strong personal moral and ethical structure, enabling children to have a stronger understanding of faith while at school. It’s an opportunity for children to explore and understand the religious scripture of Islam. Al-Jaafaria is an Approved Provider of SRE and working with many Public Schools (Primary & High schools).

Imam Mahdi School is another initiative of Al-Jaafaria, it takes place in Arncliffe Public School every Saturday during school days, the schools aim to teach the community kids Arabic language.


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