Centre for Religion, Reconciliation and Peace


Centre for Religion, Reconciliation and Peace

University of Winchester

The Winchester Centre of Religion, Reconciliation and Peace (CRRP) is dedicated to helping to create a free, just and peaceful world. It aims to do this by sharing excellence in knowledge, understanding, skills, relationships, and best practice in reconciliation and peace, with people of all religions and none.

Launched in 2010, WCRRP grew from recognition of a lacuna in research and knowledge exchange between communities affected by conflict and their leaders, practitioners of reconciliation and peace, and academics seeking greater understanding and dissemination of ways to sustainable peace.

CRRP is a dynamic center with a regular program of talks and workshops. WCRRP also leads a University of Winchester partnership with PeaceJam UK to host an annual conference with Nobel Peace Laureates at the University. Peacejam offers young people aged 13-18 the opportunity to come to the University to spend two days with a world leader of peace. Led by University mentors, they participate in workshops around current global issues.

Over recent years WCRRP has had several engagements with the UK government on the potential of religious peacebuilding. The center has acted as consultants for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on prevention of sexual violence in conflict, and have engaged with representatives from the Department for Development on development issues and religion.

CRRP members have presented papers at numerous conferences and symposia throughout Europe. The team is currently engaged in a range of peacebuilding projects in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Source: https://www.winchester.ac.uk/

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