Hussaini Association of Calgary

Hussaini Association of Calgary

Hussaini Association of Calgary

Helping Safeguard Your Both Worlds

Hussaini Association of Calgary (HAC) is a registered Charitable organization in Canada. It was established in 1982 in Calgary. Hussaini Association of Calgary is committed to providing opportunities and facilities for all its members, in following Islam and promoting the true teachings of Islam in accordance with Fiqh-e-Jaffaria, and to increase fellowship and foster respect towards other religious organizations. The Hussainia has been serving Shia Muslims in preserving their faith and cultural values along with the true form of Islam taught by Prophet Muhammad(saw), Ali(as) and their progenies.

HAC truly believe in justice, fairness and peace for all.

Hussaini Association of Calgary exists to:

• Nurture the community on the basis of Shia Ithna Ashari doctrines, practices and moral values.

• Live and share a meaningful, spiritual, cohesive and prosperous life with all humanity.

• Promote peace, co-existence and harmony among the vibrant community and the exclusively multicultural wider Canadian society through interfaith dialogues and other social activities.

• Offer counselling and mentoring support to the community in all the religious and spiritual spheres.

Mission Statement

Hussaini Association of Calgary’s main purpose is to spread the true message of Islam, and help people understand the true face of Islam against the defaced form used by the Terrorists. The Shia Faith has always stood against inhumanity and tyranny since the inception of Islam and till date Shia Muslims stand united against Terrorism.

Hussaini School

Hussaini school, is a Sunday only program designed to teach children and other young people Islamic traditions and values. It is primarily aimed to teach the youngsters reading, writing, cyphering and a knowledge of the Quran and Islam as a whole along with Sports and many other activities that students can enjoy and learn from them.

Hussaini School, contrary to the name, is not recognized educational institution; rather than offering formal grades or transcripts, Hussaini School simply attempt to offer meaningful instruction concerning Islamic doctrine.


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