Hyderi Community Centre

Hyderi Community Centre

Hyderi Community Centre

Hyderi Community Centre is a vibrant organization based in London, United Kingdom. Originally founded in 1983 to serve the local Shia Muslim community who had emigrated from East Africa (the “Khoja” community), through the ever-growing relationships with their neighbors and local social, community and political organizations.

Hyderi Islamic Centre is now an integral part of the local community, conveying Islam as a faith that is not only peaceful, but also positively cohesive and beneficial to the wider British society.



There was a further wave of emigration in the mid to late 20th century of Khoja families from East Africa to the West, primarily to the USA, UK and Canada, notably with the expulsion of Asians from Uganda by Idi Amin. The community has since organized itself into an organized network with Jamaats (organizations) around the globe, stretching from Canada to Australia.

In 2020, under the leadership of Dr Liaket Dewji, they relocated to Croydon in Greater London, fondly known as Hyderi Pioneer Place.



Hyderi caters for the religious needs of the local community with daily evening prayers and weekly supplications and lectures on Thursday nights. Aside from the weekly Thursday night programs at Hyderi, the center is constantly a bustling hub of activity. The center has regular interfaith programs with local groups, and have invited politicians and local community leaders to speak at the center to discuss pressing issues.

The Hyderi Senior Citizens’ Association hold weekly activities, including health talks and excursions both locally and abroad.

Hyderi Islamic School is a Saturday school providing Islamic education for children aged between 5-18, and was the first such Islamic school in the UK to implement the GCSE and A-level qualifications in Islamic Studies into its curriculum.

Hyderi Sports teams meet weekly and partake in national and international tournaments, and provide a constant influx of trophies to add to the centre’s cabinets!



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