Imam Zakariya Academy


Imam Zakariya Academy

In Depth Study of Subjects Such as Tafsir, Hadith, Fiqh and Their Principles

Under the guidance of Mufti Shah Sadruddin

Alim Course

The aim of the Alimiyyah curriculum is to produce Ulama (scholars) and leaders who are competent in the Islamic sciences such as Tafsir and Hadith possessing the professional skills necessary to serve, guide and lead the Muslim community with excellence. In addition to imparting knowledge and skills, the curriculum, and the environment within which it is taught is designed to produce scholars whose scholarship is marked by tradition, intelligence, piety, responsibility, and generosity of spirit, ensuring that we are not simply producing academics and professionals seeking a career but are reproducing the selfless spirit that has always been so characteristic of Islamic scholarship.


The course consists of seven years, with emphasis given to learning Arabic syntax (Nahw) and Morphology (Sarf) in particular in the first two years. Taught in the English medium by ulamah who have graduated from various darul ulooms (including Bury, Dewsbury, Blackburn and India), the course is intensive in its content, and requires motivation and a keen zeal for knowledge.

Books in 1st and 2nd year

The course itself comprises seven years. The kitabs studied are mainly in Arabic, with explanation given in English.

In the first year, students build up their knowledge of Arabic grammar by studying the following books:

  • Taudheeh un Nahw (English)
  • Imdad us Sarf Part 1 (English)
  • Behishti Zewar
  • Qasas un Nabiyyeen (Arabic)
  • Duroos ul Lughah (Arabic)
  • Tajweed

The second year is a more detailed study of Arabic grammar with emphasis placed on reading Arabic texts correctly. Students also begin to memorize Ahaadeeth compiled in the kitab Zaad u Taalibeen by Hadhrat Moulana Ashiq Elah Bulandshehri. Fiqh is also taught in detail. The kitabs studied include:

  • Hidayat un Nahw (Arabic)
  • Qasas un Nabiyyeen (3&4)
  • Provisions for the Seekers (Hadith)
  • Fiqh ul Muyassar
  • Noor ul Idhaah
  • Duroos ul Lughah (3)


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