Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations Program

Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations Program

Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations Program

The University of Edinburgh, UK

Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations program, housed within the School of Divinity at The University of Edinburgh draws on the strengths of one of the most distinguished centers of religious and theological studies in the UK. It offers a deep and broad study of the rich intellectual traditions of Islamic law, theology and philosophy in conversation with Christian thought, ethics and political theology.

The dialogical framework of the course allows you to study multiple disciplines in both Islamic and Christian thought and practice, not as mere historical artifacts, but as resources that transform the academic study of religion and engage public debates on the place of Islam, Christianity, and religion in society.

The program’s core courses will enable students to receive a strong grounding in the major themes and methodologies in Islam and in the academic study of Christian-Muslim relations.

Students will gain a deep appreciation of the philosophical, theological and ethical debates between Christians and Muslims in different times and places.

The program offers opportunities for study and collaboration with world renowned academics, with a view to tailoring a personalized path to doctoral study or to other relevant careers.

Compulsory courses

– The Study of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations

– Approaches to Research in Divinity and Religious Studies

– Approaches to Research: Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations

Optional Courses

– God of the Oppressed: Liberation Theologies in Christianity and Islam

– Islamic Law: From Prayer to Politics

– Islamic Theology: Classical and Contemporary Perspectives

– Pioneers of Political Islam

– Christian-Muslim Relations: Diatribe, Discourse and Dialogue

– Muslim and Christian Perspectives on Jesus

Learning outcomes

– expertise in the major themes and debates in the academic study of Islam

– specialized knowledge and expertise in several major aspects of both Islam and Christian-Muslim relations

– a facility with select major thinkers in the history of Islamic thought and/or Christian-Muslim relations

– an appreciation of how various social, historical, cultural, and political contexts shape and inform the relationship between Christians and Muslims

– a clear understanding of how Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim relations relate to and engage other academic disciplines, especially religious studies, theology, philosophy, law, and politics

– the ability to analyze the relationship between contemporary and modern Christian-Muslim encounters and the history of Christian-Muslim dialogue, diatribe, and debate


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