Islamic Educational College enters German language PASCH network


Islamic Educational College enters German language PASCH network

The Islamic Educational College was announced as the fourth Jordanian school being admitted to the PASCH network in Jordan, according to a German embassy statement. The PASCH initiative “Schools: Partners for the Future” was founded by the Federal Foreign Office in 2008 and aims to establish German as a foreign language in national education systems outside Germany.

The Goethe-Institut Amman and the college have signed a Memorandum of Understanding admitting the Islamic Educational College (IEC) in the PASCH-Program.

The IEC will receive teaching materials and technical equipment and will be assisted by experts from the Goethe-Institut. German teachers will receive training courses and offer the chance to spend time in schools in Germany.

The best achieving students will also be invited to attend courses in Germany and qualified graduates will be enabled to apply for a scholarship to study at a German university.

Source: The Jordan Times

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