Islamic Seminary of America (ISA)


Islamic Seminary of America (ISA)

In August 2016 (1437) Sh. Khalil Abdur-Rashid, Sh. Omar Suleiman and some other Dallas TX area visionaries established the Islamic Seminary of America (ISA). In a very short period of time, ISA accomplished the following:

1. Taught over 400 adult and 200 youth students in Islamic centers and ISA classrooms.

2. Launched, with Southern Methodist University (SMU), a joint Master of Liberal Studies (MLS) with a self-designed concentration in Islamic Studies with 12 students.

3. Produced a weekly live-streamed educational series and several other student enrichment programs including a guided Umrah trip.

Since April 2017, ISA is managed by the Islamic Seminary Foundation (ISF).

ISF – ISA Vission & Mission

The Islamic Seminary of America (ISA) is dedicated to producing authentic knowledge about the Islamic Civilization and translating it into the American context.

1. ISA is focused on developing Muslim leadership and improving religious literacy for all Americans using online and in-person educational initiatives and an annual (6 years by ISF, established in its first year by the Muslim Endorsement Council of Connecticut) in-service training conference at Yale University for chaplains, imams and other human services providers.

2. ISA leadership represents much of the ethnic diversity of the Muslim American community.

3. ISA leadership has extensive background in higher education administration and teaching as well as deep real-life experiences as board members, imams, chaplains, administrators, staff and consultants to Islamic and non-Islamic religious and human services institutions.

4. By Fall 2018, ISA intends to develop certificate programs aimed at capacity-building for Islamic centers and NGOs such as free medical clinics and disaster relief agencies.

5. By Fall 2019, ISA intends to begin offering unique degree-granting programs that focus on both organizational leadership and traditional Islamic sciences.

Collaboration with Southern Methodist University (SMU)

The Islamic Seminary of America is pleased to announce its continuing collaboration with SMU. The next course in Islamic Studies to be offered at the SMU Main Dallas Campus in the Fall of 2017:

  • Islam and the American Civil Rights Movement:

Instructor: Omar Suleiman

Examines Islam and important Muslim figures that helped shape the Civil Rights Movement to include orthodox Islam, the Nation of Islam, Malcolm X, H. Rap Brown and other Muslims that played an important role in crafting both the theory and practice of black activism. Students will also explore the current role of Islam and Muslims in the discussion of black empowerment. This course may be applied to the following curricular field concentrations: human rights and social justice; humanities; American studies.

  • Examples of Additional Courses Offered in Upcoming Semesters:

– The Islamic Civilization

– Islamic Textual Criticism

– Major Themes in Islamic Law

– Human Rights in Islam

– Terrorism, Torture, and International Law

– The Impact of the Arab Spring on Israel and the Middle East

– Islam, State and Society

  • Program Options:

Certificate of Advanced Study (18 Credit Hours) – For those who already have a master’s degree but are interested in pursuing a specific concentration in a specific curricular field only.

Master of Liberal Studies (36 Credit Hours) – For those who pursue the full degree program.

Non-Degree Option (3-6 Credit Hours) – For students wanting to try the program may take 1-2 courses.  Credits can be applied to the Certificate or Master’s programs.

ISF – ISA Board of Directors

  • Prof. Jimmy Jones, Chair and Interim President
  • Bonita McGee, Vice-Chair
  • Chaplain Shazeeda Khan, Secretary
  • Dr. Shariq Siddiqui JD, Treasurer
  • Dr. Abed Ayoub
  • Prof. Ihsan Bagby
  • Athar Haq MD
  • Abdul Ahad Hayee MD
  • Alim Khandekar MD
  • Dr. Yasir Qadhi
  • Farooq Selod MD
  • Dr. Iqbal Unus


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