Jibreel Institute

Jibreel Institute

Jibreel Institute

Jibreel Institute is a new exclusive Arabic & Islamic Studies provider for adults at the prestigious East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre. A curriculum of quality classical and contemporary scholarship, with balance and creativity made accessible and affordable to all.

Jibreel Institute offers the following structured courses at different levels for men and women.

 Arabic Language Studies

  • Arabic Language
  • Qur’anic Arabic
  • Classical Arabic Grammar,
  • Syntax and Morphology
  • Spoken Arabic

Qur’an Studies

  • Tajweed (Science recitation of the Qur’an)
  • Tafseer (Commentary of the Qur’an)
  • Hifdh (Memorisation of Qur’anic selections)

Islamic Sciences – Shari’a

  • ‘Aqida (Islamic beliefs and doctrines)
  • Fiqh (Islamic Law)
  • Usul al-Fiqh (Principles of Islamic Law)
  • Hadith Studies (Prophetic Traditions)
  • Islamic History
  • Seera (Life of Prophet Muhammad)
  • Tazkiya (Islamic spirituality)

Introduction to Usul al-Fiqh: This 8-week introductory course sheds light on the major sources and principles of Islamic Jurisprudence, and distinguishing it from ordinary Fiqh. Students be taught to familiarize themselves with the vast literature on the subject, with particular emphasis on methodological differences. Practical experience and exercises will be given to weigh and evaluate different legal opinions, such as why and how scholars differ.  The course will give more importance to the practical understanding and application of Usul al Fiqh in daily life.

Classes & Teachers

The courses are organized on a semester basis (usually 3 months per semester).

Classes are run separately for men and women, and take place at the London Muslim Centre. For greater accessibility the courses are available during the day, evenings and weekends. Intensive courses and seminars are offered at weekends and holiday periods.

The courses are taught by qualified scholars and teachers, who share a passion for the study and teaching of Arabic and Islamic Sciences.


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