Future of the World

World War or Global Peace?


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Sareh Taromirad (Compiler)
Islamic Research & Information Center (IRIC)

A Brief Treatise Based on Dr. M. Pakravan’s Study:
The Way of the Promised Savior: World War or Global Peace?


“And one day, the world will be filled with justice.”

This humble sentence reflects a magnificent idea, which was established by the Prophet of Islam as an essential part of the Muslim belief and diligently promoted afterwards by the 12 infallible Imams of the Shia school of thought. This is why the idea of the coming of a savoir and a better world has lived through history in various Muslim societies, particularly in the Shia traditions. But how does this revered figure accomplish his holy mission? Does he rely on fighting and bloodshed, or does he employ logic and reasoning?

Drawing from authentic Islamic narrations and prophecies across different faiths, this work reveals that the Promised Savior is a compassionate guide who leads humanity towards peace, justice, and tranquility.

This book is based on Dr. Mahdiye Pakravan’s extensive study, originally published  under the title “The Way of the Promised Savior: World War or Global Peace?

This enlightening book will challenge your preconceptions and inspire you to contemplate humanity’s ultimate destiny – a world filled with justice, harmony, and everlasting tranquility.

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Sareh Taromirad


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  1. Islamic Research Information Center
    (verified owner)

    This book is a fascinating and insightful read that explores the concept of the Promised Savior in Islam and how he will establish a better world for humanity.

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