The Way of the Promised Savior

World War or Global Peace?


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Mahdiye Pakravan
Blake Archer Williams
Islamic Research & Information Center (IRIC) and Pooyafekr Research Institute

A Critical Analysis on the Violent Interpretation of the Promised Savior Agenda


Today’s world is more exhausted of war, injustice, and cruelty than ever before, and the world of tomorrow is even more so than today. Humanity is thirsty for a savior who would respond to its anxieties and wanderings with the language of empathy and human needs.

How does Imam Mahdi, the Promised Savior according to the authentic Islamic narrations, achieve this holy mission? Through fighting and bloodshed, or logic and reasoning?

The advent of “Imam Mahdi” (the guided one) is an Islamic concept affiliated with the optimistic vision for the promised society of peace and justice as the certain future for mankind.

This research work is an attempt to meticulously examine this mission and provide answers to the above-mentioned questions.

Dr. Mahdiye Pakravan’s book, presents a few principles with which one can methodologically distinguish the right narration and interpretation from the distorted one, to find a clearer image of “the Just Savior” that Islam introduces for uniting the whole humanity.

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Mahdiye Pakravan

Mahdiye Pakravan


Blake Archer Williams

Blake Archer Williams


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Reviews (2)

  1. SHSR

    Congratulations. That was a great book.

  2. Islamic Research Information Center

    I loved this book so much. I think it’s a valuable and enlightening read for anyone who wants to learn more about the Islamic vision for the future of mankind.

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