Muslim Youth in the Western Societies

Islam from the Viewpoint of the West
(Issue 21)


Published Date:
Islam from the Viewpoint of the West
Abdollah Edrisi, Sayed Mostafa Sayed Rezazadeh
Islamic Research and Information Center (IRIC)


In this issue of the journal, we tackle the topic of “Muslim youth in Western societies” and examine the various dimensions of challenges, opportunities and issues that this age group of Muslims faces from the perspective of studies conducted by Western researchers.
Since the British society is characterized by multiculturalism, we focus more on British Muslim youth, but we also discuss some of the research done on American or European youth.
Out of 45 titles related to this topic that have been published in the last eight years, we have selected four books for a brief introduction and also reviewed and critiqued seven books in detail.
In recent years, scholars of Western universities have paid special attention to investigating the situation of Muslim youth, their identity, ethnicity, and other issues, which have mainly been considered as field research for doctoral and master’s theses. Among these numerous theses, we have selected four that were new and innovative in terms of topic and research approach for introduction.

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