Truth or Dare?

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About Truth or Dare?

It’s a game that most of us know. If you are the person who chooses truth, then you might have made yourself ready to answer to any probable question truthfully. And If you are the person who prefers dare to truth, that means you are ready for any kind of maybe embarrassing actions. You can find a lot of situations in real life as choosing between truth or dare. Now, how many of us always choose truth regardless of what the consequences are?

About the Speaker

Maryam Ghazanfari studied Bachelor and Masters of Industrial Engineering at the University of Tehran, planning expert in the field of engineering and commercial activities, a Peace-builder, and a Researcher. While studying and working in the field of engineering, Maryam is also interested in researching and taking projects which are related to internationally peacebuilding, and she is currently working as a researcher at the Islamic Research and Information Center (IRIC).

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Maryam Ghazanfari




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