Ramadan 2018: Google searches to be tailored for the Holy Month


Ramadan 2018: Google searches to be tailored for the Holy Month

The California-based tech titan has unveiled new applications and products related to Ramadan intended to help practitioners of the Islamic faith during the most sacred month of the calendar. The company has recently rolled out an interactive calligraphy application called Qalam to help create 3-D Ramadan messages and cards as well as an augmented reality tool called the Qibla Finder to help Muslims find Mecca’s direction for prayer.

According to Najeeb Jarrar, Google’s head of brand and consumer marketing at its Middle Eastern offices: ‘During Ramadan there’s a spike in the information required for prayer times, card making, how to give to charity and how and when to fast.’

Additionally, its new Qalam application has made it simple and accessible to create and share Ramadan greeting cards with friends and family members. The company worked extensively with calligraphists, including Soraya Syed, one of Pakistan’s first female calligraphers, and artists from around the world to craft over 35 artworks which seamlessly blend art, calligraphy and virtual reality.

Source: Daily Mail

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