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Documentary: An Act of Worship

Documentary: An Act of Worship

Experience of Three Muslim Women in America Director: Nausheen Dadabhoy Producer: Sofian Khan, …

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Islamic Educational Center of Orange County (IECOC)

Costa Mesa, CA, USA Islamic Educational Center of Orange County (IECOC) …

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Islamophobia in American Public Schools

A CAIR report on Muslim bullying details that nearly 50% of Muslims …

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Ramadan 2018: Google searches to be tailored for the Holy Month

The California-based tech titan has unveiled new applications and products related …

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Pope: “Muslim terrorism does not exist”

As the world grapples with the impact of President Trump’s Muslim …

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California Islamic University (CIU)

California Islamic University (CIU) Summary: Description: California Islamic University (CIU) offers …

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Meeting in LA: Threatening Letters Sent to Mosques

On Monday, November 28th, 2016 Muslims leaders across Southern California met …

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US counter-terrorism program aimed at Muslim children

An FBI strategy to counter terrorism – based on the UK …

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SABA Islamic Center of Bay Area – California

SABA Islamic Center Background In 1977 a couple of families (Br. …

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California Recognizes August as Muslim Appreciation & Awareness Month

The California State Assembly voted to pass a resolution that officially …

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