The Annual Believe and Do Good (BADG) Campaign


The Annual Believe and Do Good (BADG) Campaign

The Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) in co-ordination with The Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) would like to announce the annual Believe and Do Good (BADG) campaign. A competition of compassion running throughout the month of February, where youth compete in acts of community service. The aim of the campaign is to engage with the Muslim youth in Britain through doing acts of good such as donating blood, feeding the homeless and various other creative acts of good. It is inspired by the repetition in the Quran of the verse that urges Muslims to; “believe and do righteous deeds”.  The campaign was first introduced through FOSIS in 2015 and was joined by MAB Youth the following year. Since then it has grown to become more than a month of activities. Students and youth groups across the UK come together in selflessness to give something back to our communities.

MAB is a British organization dedicated to serving society through promoting Islam in its spiritual teachings, ideological and civilizing concepts, and moral and human values. MAB has local branches across the UK that provide a wide range of events and activities. MAB actively seeks to dispel the misconceptions about Muslims and helps to act as a bridge to promote better understanding between the UK and the Muslim World.

Source: MAB Online

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