The Auckland Inter-Faith Council (AIFC)


The Auckland Inter-Faith Council (AIFC)


Diversity of Faiths and Religious Traditions

The Auckland Inter-Faith Council (AIFC) was established in 2003 as a charitable trust, and is registered with the Charities Commission, and with Inland Revenue. Auckland Inter-Faith Council was formed to provide a platform for inter-religious dialogue and networking, and to create a model showing cooperation among religions.

Auckland, New Zeeland, with over 220recorded ethnic groups, is one of the world’s most culturally diverse cities. Every neighborhood has people of many faiths living side by side. To enhance social cohesion and help prevent misunderstandings or prejudice, it is important for people to be able to learn about religious beliefs and practices, and dialogue with those from other faiths.

The Auckland Inter-Faith Council exists to foster mutual appreciation and good relations between these traditions and faiths; to co-ordinate action, and/or to act, on behalf of any or all of these in respect of religious issues and relationships to society at large; and to act in an advisory and consultative capacity to the community at large. AIFC organizes regular public meetings, seminars and events to promote understanding among the diverse faith communities of the greater Auckland area.


• Interfaith Meetings –AIFC organizes public lectures and seminars featuring a range of speakers from different faith backgrounds who each present their faith’s perspective on topics. Areas covered previously include The Life Cycle (Birth, Death, Coming of Age, Marriage, Ordination); Social Issues (Domestic Violence, Family Breakdown, Substance Abuse); Sharing of One’s Faith Journey; What is the meaning of Dharma; Views of the Prophet Abraham, to name a few.

• Neighborhood Interfaith Development: One of the main purposes of interfaith work is to facilitate interactions that promote acceptance, understanding, and appreciation for people who practice faiths other than one’s own. Learning about basic beliefs and practices and visiting each other’s sacred places help break down barriers and contribute to creating social harmony. AIFC organizes programs designed to foster the development of interfaith networks within a given local community.

• Leadership Diversity Day: AIFC, now in collaboration with the Religious Diversity Center, and supported by the Astor Foundation, helps organize an annual interfaith program for Year 12 students from various schools (religious and state) preparing for their final year at school. Held on the marae on the UNITEC campus and MIT, the students are introduced to, and discuss, Maori spirituality and world religions.


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