The Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies (CMCS)


The Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies (CMCS)

CMCS opened its doors in September 2008, aiming to help people think rigorously and relate well together while exploring the broad field of Muslim-Christian Studies. We are an independent Christian-based study centre that brings together Christians and Muslims to learn from and about one another in the context of real relationships. CMCS focusses on research rather than dialogue, though dialogue naturally arises as people study or discuss together.

CMCS was born of a vision to enhance the clarity, integrity and capacity of future scholars, educators and leaders in thinking about Muslim-Christian relations. We are also committed to public education; non-specialists are welcome at the Centre and can benefit from our public lectures and online resources.


Our academic staff offer tutorials and supervision for undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of Oxford. We also contribute to courses and lectures at theological colleges. We are keen to connect with students elsewhere in Britain and around the world, and so we supervise visiting students for independent study modules and doctoral research. A frequent question is whether we offer qualifications in our own right – we don’t, this is not our aim.

Our popular annual Oxford Muslim-Christian Summer School brings together Christians and Muslims to share a residential course of academic study on topics of common interest that break down barriers, enhance the students’ own studies, and equip them for their future careers.


Academic staff pursue their own individual academic research, publishing books and articles. We also initiate research projects such as Reading the Bible in the Context of IslamEducating SeminariesEvaluating the Impact of Recent Inter-faith Initiatives and Christians and Muslims in Public Life.

It is important to be aware of the wide range of thinking in the field of Muslim-Christian relations. We host regular research seminars and events, where speakers present recent work to the public – all are welcome. The content of some of these seminars is distilled in our Research Briefings.

Public Education

Careful thinking can affect real issues in public life, so we hold lectures on topics of contemporary interest. We also tailor individual study programs for practitioners who want to take time to think about a particular issue, or for those considering further study but who are not sure which direction to take.

Our monthly Qur’an and Bible study group was established so that Christians and Muslims may learn how someone of the other faith understands their scripture. This group discusses short passages from the Bible and the Qur’an on a common theme, and always begins with a shared meal.


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