The International Institute for Peace and Religions (IIPR)


The International Institute for Peace and Religions (IIPR)

The International Institute for Peace and Religions (IIPR) was first established in 2011 as “Muslim Christian Interfaith Dialogue” association (MCID) affiliated by Islamic Seminary of the Holy City of Qom (Hawzah Ilmiyya of Qom) and then developed its activities more in the form of joint projects with different interfaith, intra-faith and intercultural activities.

Now as IIPR, we enhance our cooperation in the stream benefiting from interfaith dialogue for peace building, reflecting on the concept of global justice, tolerance, respect, rationality and spirituality. IIPR has the heritage of a well background of holding 28 international events inside and outside of Iran including Vatican (The Holy See), Germany, Lebanon, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Norway, Finland, Sweden and France.

The main motto of IIPR is derived from Qur’anic verses as well as the famous lifestyle highlights of Prophet Muhammad (S) and Ahlul-Bayt (A.S.).

It is also paid attention in IIPR to the famous statements by clerics, scholars, professors and other followers of different faiths all around the globe. As illustrated in the logo of IIPR, different colors, as a rainbow, had created a crescent of peaceful coexistence for all human beings in the world, provided that they step forward for the fulfillment of such mottoes.

IIPR’s Motto

One of the other important mottoes of IIPR is the famous statement of Professor Hans Küng:

  • “No peace among the nations without peace among the religions.
  • No peace among the religions without dialogue between the religions.
  • No dialogue between the religions without investigation of the foundation of the religions.”

Main Objectives of IIPR

  • Introducing the real image of Islam in regard with interfaith and intercultural peaceful coexistence,
  • Creating a platform for fostering mutual understanding between the followers of different religions,
  • Cooperating with thinkers and leaders of other religions around the world,
  • Undertaking research on the common points between different religions,
  • Promoting solidarity among the leaders and followers of divine religions with a view to encountering the spiritual and political crises of the world, and
  • Introducing the principles of Islamic thought, in general, and Shiism, in particular, to promote better understanding about pure Islam as well as to remove the existing misunderstandings.


To achieve these objectives, IIPR in cooperation with Iranian and foreign centers for interreligious dialogue performs different activities. Some of these activities are enumerated below:

– Interreligious Dialogues and Conferences

IIPR holds religious dialogues with important religious centers and communities. This task is performed through bilateral dialogues and participation in international conferences.

– Participation in International Conferences and Summits

Participation in International Conferences and Summits is another program of CID. Some of these Summits and conferences in which the representatives of the center participated include:

1- Interfaith Dialogue in DIMMID 2011, San Anselmo, Rome
2- Al-Mustafa University and St. Thomas University in Minnesota cooperation in Vatican, 2012
3- Meeting with Jesuits in Kardinal Koenig Haus in Vienna, 2012
4-Meeting with Romanian Orthodox Priests in Qom, 2013
5- Meeting with Prof. Harry Huebner, Mennonite, 2013
6- Cooperation in Monks and Muslims Building Communities of Friendship In IIIS, Qom 2013
7. Meeting with Primate Abbot Wolf
8- Participation in Benediktus Fest in Munich Germany, 2014 (Coverage of Newspapers)
9- Teaching in a Symposium in WCC, Geneva, 2014
10- Conference in Vienna University, Austria, 2012
11- Cooperation with Tubingen University and inviting a delegation to Iran
12- Managing Series of Dialogues with Fr. Edwardo Lopez and Br. Josef Goetz, 2014
13- Inviting a high ranking delegation from Vienna University Professors, 2014
14- Scientific Management pf an important event in Gronland Church, Oslo, Norway 2015
15-Cooperation with Wroclaw University Poland, 2015
16- Cooperation with CID of ICRO in Tehran in 4 years
17- Online Seminars in Al-Mustafa Open University
Joint project with Paderborn and Muenster Universities in Iran and Germany
18- Hosting Italian Ambassador Berdanin to IIIS and MCID, 2014
19- Meeting with Excellency Arch Bishop Fr. Leo Boccardi, Vatican Ambassador in Qom, 2015, Visiting Qom Theological Seminary
20- Meeting with Ambassador Mauro Conciatori
21- Visiting the president of Lateranensis Pontifical University, Mgrs. Dal Covolo
22- Attending 12th Symposium of Vicariato di Roma
23-Attending in joint prayer in Lateranensis Church, Rome, Italy, 2015
24- Invited Member in Unveiling Ceremony of “Iran the Cradle of Peaceful Coexistence”, 2015
25- Invited Member to the Unity Week International Conference in Tehran, 2015
26- Managing the Webinar of Mercy in Al-Mustafa Open University and Institute for Peace and Religions, Qom
27- St. Anselmo Monastry, Italia, 2015

– Courses

IIPR in cooperation with different centers in Qom, particularly Al-Mustafa International University (MIU) provides the interested persons in short-term courses in Islamic Republic of Iran. It is organizable in two forms:

  1. short-term courses during the year
  2. sabbaticals

IIPR Courses

  • Interfaith Dialogue
  • Intercultural Dialogue
  • Human Rights in Islam
  • Peace and Justice
  • Differences between Shi’a and Sunnites
  • Letters of Iran’s Supreme Leader to the Youth in West
  • Islamic Perspective on Religious Freedom
  • Religious Discrimination
  • Discrimination against ethnic minorities
  • Discrimination against women
  • Multiculturalism, Interculturalism, Transculturalism
  • Future Studies
  • Media Imperialism
  • Happiness and Suffer, philosophical Perspective
  • Real and False Islam
  • Islamic Economic System
  • Islamic Political System, Iran
  • Islamic Art and Architecture
  • Qur’an and Bible
  • Islamic Mysticism and Sufism
  • Principals of Islamic Philosophy
  • Islamic Humanism
  • Islamic Psychology
  • Islamic Lifestyle
  • Beautiful and Happy Islam and Muslims
  • Islamic Solutions on the Refugees Crisis
  • Iranian and Persian Culture
  • Persian Language Classes
  • Online Farsi


  • Address: No 2, Building 34, Saba Complex, Edalat Ave, Qom, Iran
  • Phone: +98 912 5520570 | +98 25 3403084
  • Email:
  • Website:

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