The Muslim Group of USA and Canada


The Muslim Group of USA and Canada

The first formal Shīʿa organization to operate within North America

The Muslim Group of USA and Canada was founded on November 23rd, 1977 by a collective of college students who noted the scarcity of religious leaders equipped with the cultural literacy to nurture the spiritual and religious needs of Muslims residing in North America. During its early years, the Muslim Group steadily began to establish a regional and international standing for its efforts to revive Islam’s traditions of learning and spirituality through an ever- expanding network of educational programs, events, publications and national conferences. By virtue of these efforts, the Muslim Group was soon recognized as the first formal Shīʿa organization to operate within North America. In 1982, the Muslim Group restructured its operations into five regions that spanned the continental United States—and a sixth region that included Canada, thereby optimizing its activities across an expansive network that encompassed the entire North American region. This restructuring marked a sustained period of productivity and growth, as the Muslim Group helped establish libraries and Islamic centers throughout numerous Muslim communities. In the ensuing years, the extensive variety of the Muslim Group’s activities and services would culminate in its annual conference, to which thousands of faithful Muslims congregated on a yearly basis, joining them with internationally renowned intellectuals and scholars of the Islamic tradition for an uplifting spiritual experience that has oft been hailed as a “mini-pilgrimage”.


The Muslim Group of USA and Canada is bound by the guidance of the Holy Qurʾãn, the teachings of the Messenger of God and his Purified Household, and the spiritual leadership of the Marjaʿiyah.


Phone: +1 828 4752647



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