The Thaqalayn Muslim Association of UBC (TMAUBC)


The Thaqalayn Muslim Association of UBC (TMAUBC)

A non-affiliated Muslim student association at the University of British Columbia

The Thaqalayn Muslim Association is a non-affiliated Muslim student association at the University of British Columbia. A group of students who work to serve the needs of all students, and Muslims in particular, on campus.

The heart and core of al-Thaqalayn Muslim Association (TMA) revolves around the two weighty things, al-Thaqalayn of which the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S) said:

“I have been summoned (by Allah) and the moment is near for me to answer (to die). I leave among you the two weighty things: the Book of Allah the Almighty and my progeny; Allah’s book is (like) a rope extending from heaven to earth, and my progeny are the (Ahlul-Bayt). The Merciful informed me that the two will never part, until they come to me at the Pool (of Kawthar in Paradise), I warn you against deserting them.”

TMA is not affiliated with any organization, nor is it affiliated to a specific Marja’ Taqleed. Rather TMA acknowledges all of them, both the alive (may Allah elevate their status) and those who have passed (may Allah bless their souls).

The Thaqalayn Muslim Association of UBC was founded upon the values of the Prophet of Islam and his progeny, with the goal of providing religious, spiritual, and community-based events and services for UBC students. TMA also aims to engage in interfaith and intercultural dialogue and outreach, in an effort to embrace our community’s diversity and to promote an accepting, inclusive environment – free of bias and prejudice.

It is the belief of TMA that all of its members are valuable contributors. They are not a hierarchy of individuals, but are instead a closely-knit group of dedicated students working for the pleasure of Allah (SWT).

The aims and objectives of the Thaqalayn Muslim Association are as follows:

• To educate the university community on Islamic values and culture through the teachings of the Thaqalayn;

• To present an accurate understanding of Islamic teachings;

•  To foster greater acceptance of Shi’i students in particular, and Muslim students in general, as integral members of their campus;

Another important goal of TMA is to develop and improve relations amongst Muslims as well as with non-Muslims through engaging in intra and inter faith dialogue in order to achieve peace, harmony, mutual respect, and greater understanding.

Finally, TMA tries to:

• Encourage students towards attaining excellence by assisting them in the pursuit of their goals as well as to recognize their achievements.

• Cultivate a cadre of Muslim individuals who are driven to contribute towards the betterment of their community, society, and humanity.



  • Address: The University of British Columbia, 2329 West Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada
  • Website:

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